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dubai-thread_fashion-11a based in Dubai U.A.E., provides resources and support to local and international artists and designers while promoting progressive, culturally sensitive and ecologically sustainable lifestyle, work, and business practices.

fashion, like fossils, reveals the habits of extinct beings ~ c.willett

Thoughtful design respects culture and nature; renewable and sustainable, it minimizes waste. connects those on the forefront of art and design and encourages the use of cooperatives and collectives that protect workers and the earth. is committed to a sustainable future - ethically, culturally, and ecologically. It serves as a portal to the best and latest in art and fashion, including vintage, upcycling, recycling, repurposing, traditional crafts, organic and new fiber technologies, organic and safe farming practices, transparency and efficiency in design and distribution, and the research, development and application of recycled fibers.

know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly. ~ epictetus


e/o/a, a mini-collection by Emily Amorello, the founder of, translates its ethical philosophy into transparent, sustainable design and business practices. Taking its cues from the desert and everything that is beautiful and sustainable in nomadic life, e/o/a respects the earth and cultural diversity, promoting a timeless relationship with fashion and the clothing we wear.

In the ecology of the desert, everything is connected: water, humans, animals, sun, wind, sand. Inspired by the Gulf culture and infused with an urban vibe, e/o/a designs are beautiful, practical, and in relationship with the earth. Natural, organic, and sustainable fabrics are cut and draped for ventilation and ease of movement. Each piece breathes, protects, and cools. Custom prints on organic silk twills and jerseys echo the desert's dance of light and shadow. e/o/a ethics inspire the use of renewable, repurposed buttons and trims. The origami blouse and silk tape sweater are cut from e/o/a patterns that minimize waste.   The elegant nomad jacket's ruffled hood respectfully covers the head while protecting from sun, wind, and sand. The jacket's 9-option wrap design allows the wearer to reflect her individuality and illustrates the inspired versatility.

clothes are never a frivolity: they always mean something. ~ james laver

e-o-amorello-tst1Emily Amorello* M.F.A., is an artist, designer, and serves as a fashion consultant and stylist for individual clients. As the founder of, Emily brokers relationships between designers, clients, and others in the fashion and design industry. e/o/a is a mini-collection that she designed in 2010 for Study, the label of Brooklyn, N.Y. designer, Tara St. James with the help of knitwear designer Lauren Jones of My Dear Thing. As a designer, Emily is working towards a transparent supply chain to give the postmodern woman a true relationship with the clothing she wears. As a sculptor and visual artist, Emily is inspired by the female form and is currently working on a photography study on shadows. Emily sees her work and life as an extension of her values. Her experience, passion, and talent are fortified by a M.F.A. in Fashion Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and a B.A. in Art history and Visual Arts with an emphasis on sculpture and a minor in Theatre art, focusing on costume design from Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA. Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, Emily currently lives in Dubai U.A.E..

our relationship to clothing develops in tandem with our personal identity and collective ideology making fashion an ideal vehicle to observe human behavior and thought.
~ Emily Amorello

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